Pictures from our Garden

I enjoyed walking around our garden yesterday after the winter-y rains gave way to a bit of afternoon sun. Check out these pictures I took along with some tidbits of information on winter gardening:

Broccoli is one of my favorite winter crops. Now that the caterpillars are winding up their season of munching, these plants can really flourish. Check out Carol Ann’s recent Edible Austin article on deconstructing broccoli.

Even though this picture is a bit fuzzy, I wanted to show the contrast between the purple stem of my redbor kale and the fern-like green leaves of our perennial green globe artichoke. With all of the colorful varieties to choose from these days, vegetable gardens in our landscape can be very bright and attractive. Here’s a shot of the redbor kale framing my artichokes:

If you’re looking for a bit of wild edible greens, you might find plenty of henbit, oxalis and dandelions popping up around your yard:

In the above picture, the oxalis is the plant that looks like clover but has the heart-shaped leaves. The oxalis is growing under and in front of the henbit, identifiable by its softly serrated leaves. (The fern-like leaves creeping into the picture on the left are my yarrow.) Both the oxalis and the henbit have edible leaves, stems and flowers. Eat them raw in salads or add them to any dish. Oh, and notice all the leafy mulch? Mulch is essential to a vegetable garden and leaves are the perfect, easy-to-find-free solution.

Oxalis is growing in around this dandelion. Don’t forget that dandelion leaves and flowers are edible and packed with tons of good nutrition!

Another shot of the dandelion and oxalis

I loved how the water droplets were perfectly situated on the edge of my strawberry leaves. Be sure to cover your strawberries with some row cover or a blanket when it freezes! And check out another one of Carol Ann’s beautifully written stories on growing strawberries in Central Texas.

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